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> Conference designed to deliver practical solutions and strategies for Directors, Managers & Field Personnel in:

  • Power Generation Divisions/Subdivisions
  • Electrical Groups
  • I&E Groups
  • Production & Operations Groups
  • Engineering Side
  • Mechanical & Maintenance Groups
  • Midstream & Pipeline Groups
  • Electricity Utilities & Co-Ops

> Being the first conference dedicated to ensuring oil & gas power efficiency, reliability and design improvements, the March 2019 event gives you the chance to showcase...

  • Conventional Boilers & Steam Generators & Burners for Boilers
  • TEGs & Microgrids
  • Fuel Cell Technology Options
  • Turbines & Microturbines
  • JT Skids & Skid Mounted Generator Sets
  • Fuel Conditioning Skids
  • Reciprocating Engines

Onshore Oil & Gas Power Reliability Congress 2019

North America's First & Only Conference Dedicated To Optimizing Onshore Oil & Gas Power Efficiency, Reliability And Cost

Power has been a sleeping giant  that no one has wanted to talk about, until now. Power generation, transmission and distribution are some of the most complex topics operators have to deal with today, and for large companies, electricity is the third biggest operating cost.

The challenge is clear-cut - there isn't enough power available, and what is available is not reliable. Depending on where operators are in their development cycle, lack of power and electricity efficiency is starting to negatively impact production throughput.

Recognizing the industry's immediate and imminent power and electricity challenges, American Business Conferences brings the Onshore Oil & Gas Power Reliability Congress to Houston in March. The 2019 conference brings together a mix of E&P operators, midstream companies, local utilities and equipment suppliers: sharing cost-effective strategies and new technologies for maximizing throughput with continuous and efficient power generation, transmission and distribution. 

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> KEY TAKEAWAYS FROM THE 2019 EVENT <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
  • Short & Long-Term Strategies, Conventional & Alternative Technologies & Improved Power System Designs For Continuous, Reliable & Cost-Effective Power
  • Practical Opportunities & Flexible Power Generation Options To Reduce The Cost Of Power, Mitigate Transmission & Congestion Issues And Use Flare Gas To Generate Power While Lowering Emissions

DAY 1 FOCUS: MARCH 27, 2019

Strategies For...

  • Reducing The Cost Of Power Generation
  • Powering Oil & Gas Operations
  • Cost-Effective Self-Generation
  • Utilizing Cutting-Edge Alternative Power Generation Technologies
  • Using Flare Gas For Power Generation
  • Methods For Reliable & Continuous Power Generation

DAY 2 FOCUS: MARCH 28, 2019

Looking at...

  • Using Data Science For Power System Design
  • Providing Power To Automated Well Sites
  • Partnering With Power Utility & Transmission Companies
  • Mitigating Transmission Congestion And Voltage Fluctuations

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Please contact the ABC team at sponsorship@american-business-conferences.com or call us on (1) 800 721 3915 for details.

On behalf of American Business Conferences, I look forward to welcoming you to Houston in March.

Kind regards,

Kiera Martin, Conference Manager - American Business Conferences





  • Making Power More Affordable: Practical Strategies To Cut The Cost Of Power By At Least A Third
  • Short & Long-Term Power Strategies: Optimize Reliability, Efficiency & Improve Power System Design
  • Electrical Hydraulic Pressure-Pumping: Boost Efficiency, Reduce Emissions & Lower Life-Cycle Costs
  • Cost-Effective Microgrid Power Generation: Achieve Power Resiliency with Microgrids
  • Multi-MW Power Systems Engineered For Maximum Uptime
  • Using Flare Gas To Generate Power: Supply Power To Equipment, Reliably And On A Routine 24x7 Basis
  • Onsite Power Generation For Methane Emission Reduction Equipment
  • Large Scale Application of Solar/PV: Cost-Effectively Powering Motors And Stations On A Large Scale


  • Utilizing Data Science For Power System Design: For Power System Safety, Planning, Design, Optimization & Data Analytics
  • Reliable Power For Automation Equipment: Strategies & Technologies For Optimizing Power On Automated Well Sites  
  • Power Utility Briefing: Published Timelines Vs. Actual Delivery
  • Consumer Briefing - Overcoming Service Delays: Work Through Delays & Ensure Timely Service
  • Partnering With Local Utilities & Transmission Companies: Encourage Collaboration Between Operators, Utilities And Co-Ops To Manage Immediate Power Challenges
  • Transmission Congestion: Strategies To Overcome Congestion, Upcoming Upgrades & Planned Construction
  • Power Outages, Inconsistency & Voltage Fluctuation: Prevention & Mitigation Procedures To Lower The Risk Of Downtime And Reduced Throughput

Live Streaming

Live Streaming


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